A Part Of The Whole

The Orion NebulaWatching Stargazing Live on the BBC over the past three nights has left me feeling comfortable in the knowledge that we are all part of an incredibly beautiful Universe.

Whether the buffoonery of Jonathan ‘Wossy’ Ross left you slightly miffed at the ‘dumbing down’ of science programs or not, you could not have failed to be in awe of the wonders on view.

The numbers involved are simply mind blowing. The Earth is a very special piece of rock orbiting a very ordinary star, but that star is one of billions that we know of up to now.

So to imagine that we are the only life in that Universe is little short of preposterous. Just because we haven’t found it, or it found us, doesn’t mean life isn’t out there. With the Buddhist view of the Wheel Of Life, the cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth, I believe we experience changes in form, whilst remaining the same ‘bundle’ of energy throughout eternity and across the Universe.

The more science learns about the laws governing energy, be that by way of quantum physics or the nature of astronomical phenomenon, the better the fit with Buddhist teaching.

I would like to congratulate Professor Brian Cox for bringing us another excellent program about astronomy. His knowledge and enthusiasm is infectious, reminding us of the great Patrick Moore. I’ve been keen on astronomy for the best part of fifty years, and it’s wonderful to see my Buddhist Practice, and the principles involved, going hand in glove with a science I love.

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