Back On Track

Lotus SutraNow my flu is starting to ease, I need to get my Practice back on track.

I’m going to be spending even more time on my own, with my partner having to work away from home for a few months. I could look at this as a problem, but I can also see it as giving me the time to concentrate of my Practice and Learning.

I could feel sad, as I have in the past, because my Honzon has deserted me albeit temporarily, but now my Honzon is my Practice and that stays with me at all times.

So, plenty of chanting, reading and learning are the order of the day. I’m not happy that my partner has to go away, I shall miss her, but by turning that poison into medicine I can make the most of the extra time.

I’m sure it will make the weeks fly by too, so two birds with one stone.

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