Setting A Goal

LotusIt’s amazing what a day of spring cleaning and mind clearing can do.

Gone is the fog of yesterday and back is the 20-20 vision that comes with taking control and setting yourself goals.

If you remember, Nichiren Buddhism has a clear set of rules to get you what you want, anything you want, you just need to set the wheels in motion.

So these are the details you have to quantify …

Kyo – the goal you wish to achieve.

Chi – is the wisdom needed to reach that goal.

Gyo – is the action you need to take to reach the goal.

I – the status you will attain when the goal is reached.

Don’t get Kyo and I mixed up, let’s give you an example to help stop that …

You say ‘I want to be a traveller’ that’s I, the goal, Kyo would be ‘I want to travel’, subtle difference there, so don’t be fooled.

So today I’ve set my goal (Kyo), I’ve determined the wisdom I need (Chi), I know what I need to do (Gyo) and I’m looking forward to attaining the status (I) when the goal is reached.

You didn’t expect me to tell you what the goal is, did you ???

Click here if you want to find out more.

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