A Helping Hand

Ouch !!!Generally speaking, today has been a disappointing sort of a day, even for a Monday. No specifics, but disappointing non the less.

Having made it through to the time to go home, I was feeling flat, tired, emotional and generally down. As I drove away from work, I was wondering what the evening would bring.

There is always a queue to get through the town centre, but tonight seemed particularly slow. Then I came across the reason, a chap in a Fiat Punto, had broken down in the middle of the road.

Now a small part of my bad day had been contributed by a rather sore back, but in a fit of madness, I completely forgot about it and found myself offering to help, by pushing him into a nearby side road.

I parked up and having explained that you cannot push an automatic when it’s in park, we got things moving. Other motorists sat and watched, nobody offered any help, but we got it done. I made sure he had a mobile and was going to be able to get help to recover the car to a nearby garage and went back to my own car.

Only then did I notice that the pain in my back had completely gone.

Now, whatever it was that helped with the pain, adrenalin from the exertion, the physical effort of pushing the car on my own, whatever, my back is fixed.

Not only that, but helping a poor soul in need made me feel good too, and double points on the good karma scale into the bargain. Nice end to a dodgy day.

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