Such A Laugh

Company Christmas PartyWhat a wheeze, the company Christmas bash, held in the Cumberland hotel, Bournemouth was everything, and more, that I expected this evening. Having never been a huge fan of taking taxis, nor getting blotto on corporate hospitality, I was one of the more sober ones tonight, and what fun!

Of course, with the company executives in attendance, people were on their best behaviour as the evening commenced. But as the time rolled on, and the wine, beer and spirits flowed, inhibitions were slowly eroded and a few home truths came to the surface.

We are not the largest company in the world, and we are still a little like a family run business, where everyone knows everyone else by their first names. There was mention made of the fact that all the executives sat together on one table, with comments about the wannabe’s fawning around them, and it all made for an entertaining spectacle as the evening wore on.

Not a drop of alcohol passed my lips all night, so being stone cold sober, I was in the perfect position to watch the fun and games. Not that there was too much to report, but people do say and do the funniest things when they get a bit squiffy. As far as I know, no videos or photos have made their way onto the social networking sites, yet, but it is a good feeling to be able to let, what little hair I have, down, whilst being in total control of my faculties.

I’m sure there will be a few tales told on Monday, but apart from me being more of an observer than a participant, none of them will be about me.

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