Oh God, You’re In Court

High CourtWhatever will our crazy society come up with next? Bideford Town Council defended their right to hold Christian prayers before its meetings in the High Court today. The defence was necessary because a former atheist councillor, Cline Bone, had tried to stop prayers because they made him feel ‘disadvantaged and embarrassed’.

Now call me progressive, but to my mind, prayers, beliefs, acts of worship and so on, are on a purely personal preference basis. Having said that, England is a Christian country, hence The Church of England. Even so, nobody should have to go to court to defend their beliefs, or their non-beliefs either.

So stop all this rubbish. At a time when the whole country is cash-strapped, people losing jobs and budgets being cut, left right and centre, the council tax payers of Bideford deserve better. Somebody bang these folk’s heads together and come to a compromise. I bet God is looking down on you all with a right proper frown on his (or her) face.

Of course, that compromise could be holding Gongyo before the meetings instead. I can just hear it now … Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, in a broad Devon accent, followed by clotted cream teas.

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