Success At Last

HappinessHaving said how tough things were yesterday, I am delighted to relate that today had been a much more positive and happy day, with some great progress and success in many areas. Many of the issues raised over that last week have been addressed and resolved, and I have spoken personally to some of the most vehement detractors, reducing their blood pressure and mine, and getting them back onside.

It is all too easy to let pressure get the better of us. To let ourselves focus on the negatives, to the detriment of the positives in life. Be that at work, in our home life or wherever, this is a big mistake and we all need to redress the balance if we are to meet the challenges.

So with work back on track, albeit that there is still much to do, things are now moving in a positive direction, I feel more able to concentrate on the more important things in life. Charlotte is due to have her last scheduled radiotherapy session tomorrow, and apart from that being a success in it’s own right, is a great relief to her and all her family and friends.

When we look back to the beginning of the year, with the devastating news about her cancer, the worrying news about her pregnancy and the difficult choices that were ahead, it is wonderful to reach this point. It would have been all too easy for us to dive into a state of hopeless depression. But with Charlotte’s own strength and positivity and my own blossoming practice, coupled with the huge support from everyone, we find ourselves coming out of the shadows and into the bright sunshine of achievement, with a beautiful baby boy and with Charlotte well down the road to full recovery.

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