Awkward Questions

Facebook-ZuckerbergThere was a really thought provoking program about Facebook on BBC tonight. Emily Maitlis interviews Mark Zuckeberg, the founder of the social networking site, and asks some rather awkward questions about the underlying psychological issues and advertising practices facing subscribers.

As one of those subscribers, I had become rather concerned about the way commercial companies are now much more prominent and that they have access to all my details as well as all my friends if I choose to Like them, so I tend not to.

Nobody can argue that Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and the like haven’t changed the way we keep in touch with family and friends forever. But we should all pause to think about quite how comfortable we are, letting these companies have such easy access to our personal details as well as our spending patterns, simply in order to promote their products or persuade us to part with our cash.

Watch the program, via the link above, and then you decide.

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