Pure Evil

Outrageous AttackJust how wicked do you have to be to organise the suicide bombing of worshipers at a sacred shrine? The bombing of an Islamic ceremony in Kabul today showed just how low the Taliban are prepared to stoop in the struggle to stop Afghanistan emerging into a democratic society. The Taliban have denied that they are behind the attack, the Afghan government say they are lying. Combined with a second bombing in Mazar-i-Sharif, the coordinated attacks appears to have been aimed at the Muslim Shia minority.

Imagine being in the situation where, in the middle of the act of worship, the ceremony is brought to an abrupt end by the death of over fifty worshippers and the injuring of a hundred and fifty more. It beggars belief that these people are, in any way, serious about being involved in anything like a peace process.

To the families and friends of the dead and injured, I send my condolences and best wishes for a full and speedy recovery. Sure, these people are different to us in the West, but they are still part of the global family, and deserve to be treated with respect. I have never been very supportive of the war on terrorism, the aims being too woolly and undefined. But incidents like this one today, make a strong case for strengthening and intensifying the action against these evil people, they are oblivious to the suffering they are causing.

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