Wow, What A Day !!!

SuccessDo you ever have one of those days, where everything you touch turns to gold? Well today has been just such a day. Not in terms of financial gain, but in terms of resolving problems and making great strides, all in the right direction. On the face of it, today could have been a disaster. I was the only IT professional in the office, Knobby No-Mates, all alone and left to face the oncoming hordes, and the date was 13/12/11 … rather spookily.

But in the event, it has been one of my best days for some considerable time. I had the mundane housekeeping tasks out of the way in short shrift, and that really set me up to get a handle on everything else that I needed to do. Every challenge was despatched with energy, and consummate ease, though I say so myself.

Even down to introductory con-calls to new contacts, in-depth discussions with clients, one of whom offered to be the fonder member of a working party on one of our major projects. So by the time I left the office, way after normal hours, I was buzzing with the successes of the day.

I’m not going to fool myself into thinking that it will last, these things have a habit of falling apart as fast as they appear, but I have enjoyed the feeling and will do my upmost to keep it going as long as I can. The trick to making the most of such a day, is to appreciate it for what it was, but not get hung up when it vanishes again. That is how to cope with life generally. Make the most of the good times, but not fretting over the not-so-good ones. At the end of the day, it all balances out, and having a decent average is what it is all about.

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