A New Life Begins

Oliver Richard Savage - dob 20/07/2011It has been a joyous day today. My daughter Charlotte gave birth to a bouncing baby boy this morning. With all the trials and tribulations she, and we, have been through, it is a triumph of medicine, her positive attitude and copious amounts of daimoku from many, many friends. Not necessarily in that order.

So Oliver has started his latest life cycle and it led me to a few interesting questions:

  • Why did he chose this time, this place, this family to be reincarnated?
  • Who or what was he in previous incarnations?
  • What will he do with this lifetime?

Of course it is impossible to answer any of these. Even Oliver will not remember details from his previous lives. Only our Karma follows us from one lifetime to another (unless you believe in regression). But never mind all that now.

He’s a beautiful healthy little boy, I’m a proud grandfather (again) and I promise to fill his life with as much happiness as I can.

Welcome to the world Oliver Richard Savage.

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