300 Not Out

300 Not OutThis is my 300th post on The Search For Enlightenment, quite a milestone for me, a post a day since the 30th of September 2010. So wanted to share the one thing that I feel has most changed my life in that time.

My Practice has become a major part of my life, a routine that keeps me on track and provides a constant beacon that keeps me on the path, but that’s not it.

My understanding of how life works has improved in leaps and bounds, that we are all connected with the Universe and that our actions ripple out to affect everything and everyone else, but that’s not it either.

What has changed my life most in the last 300 days is the realisation that through the laws of Karma, those of cause and effect, my life, my happiness, everything is in my own hands. It is such an empowering feeling, to take control, and to look back and see where I went right and wrong in the past, and learn from it.

Of course, with control comes responsibility, but that is one of the main principles of Nichiren Buddhism. As there are no rules, no do’s or don’ts in our practice, the effects of the causes we all make, through the thoughts, words and deeds, are our responsibility.

If you feel your life is like a leaf in the breeze, that you are being blown along by external factors or the whim of others, take time to study the laws of Karma. Take back control, take responsibility and start living your life the way you want for the very first time.

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