A Whole New Can Of Words

Good RiddanceHaving said how important reading is in the growth of the spirit yesterday, I was appalled to learn further details of the disgraceful actions of The News Of The World today. As citizens of the UK, we all rely on honest reporting to learn of the news from both home and abroad, though I have to say that it’s been many, many years since I read, let alone bought a tabloid rag.

Fortunately, with the rise of electronic media such as Facebook, Twitter and online sites like the BBC website, we have little or no need to read the drivel printed by Murdoch’s media empire. It is however important that his proposed takeover of BSkyB is, at the very least, put on hold while investigations into this phone hacking are properly concluded.

We all rely on our MPs and those in positions of power to be honest and to carry out their duties in a responsible manner. The news that journalists have been paying huge sums to the police, to gain confidential information, is very unsettling. Watching tonight’s Question Time brought these issues into sharp focus and I for one thought Hugh Grant talked a lot of sense in exposing the shortcomings of previous phone hacking investigations.

Nichiren Buddhism does not shackle us with sets of rules or lists of do’s and don’ts, but it does hold us to be accountable for each and every thought, action and deed. How much better would our society be if everyone was in such a position, and acted in a manner for which they were happy to be accountable.

It’s way past time that we all called for more accountability from those who seek to govern or act on our behalf. The very action of taking such positions should demand that these people act in a responsible way, with thought being given to the greater good, and not the greater reward for the individual in power. Clean up or clear out, we have had enough of the selfish, money grabbing leeches in society, it’s time we lived our lives for each other and not purely for ourselves.

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