Cowards Cannot Become Buddhas

BuddhaThis challenging and inspiring piece came from last night’s Gosho Study.

The direct route to uncovering your enlightenment is by challenging negativity. You don’t call out your Buddhahood by running away from your problems. Change your way of thinking. Obstacles, negativity, adversity, whatever words you want to attach to it – think instead – opportunity, opportunity, opportunity! This is the means by which you can call out your Buddhahood and become in charge of your life.

Every time that you think that you are powerless to change a problem in your life; you have reverted to being non Buddhist. You must chant out of the conviction that you will win. It is not mindless Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, it is not half hearted. It is a deep conviction that Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is more powerful than anything else and you must attack your negativity with this conviction. You can’t do it if you won’t become a fighter. Buddhism is win or lose. And, for those of us practising Buddhism, victory is the only option. We must become masters at life by mastering negativity.

You learn that after challenging negativity, negativity, negativity, day after day, over many years, that what you were always looking for all of your life you always had; it’s always been there within you. What you learn is that your life is the greatest dream that you could ever dream. It is within your grasp and control at this moment and every moment.

So create a life for yourself that is beyond your wildest dreams. Buddhism is about winning. Buddhism is about not stopping until all people become happy. It’s about becoming mad at fundamental darkness that takes away peoples’ souls so that they become hopeless, when in fact; inside them they have the greatest seed to change anything.

The reason we have faith is to do what you cannot do already with your own human effort. You don’t need faith to do what you can already do. But how can you ever know your limitless potential of the power of Nam-myoho-renge-kyo unless you have the courage to fight for that which is illogical in your mind. Challenge the impossible. The more you have the courage to challenge the impossible, the more you will come to understand YOU ARE MAGNIFICENT!

(Source unknown)

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