Happiness – Pass It On

Happiness - Pass It OnThe aim of our Buddhist practice is to promote personal happiness through the path to enlightenment. By learning about the true nature of life, by acknowledging, accepting and understanding our fundamental darkness, we move ever closer to revealing our Buddha nature.

When we chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo with all our heart, we achieve our Buddha state. We find that solutions to our problems are ‘revealed’, as if the universe was talking directly to us. We see situations as they really are, not necessarily as we think, or would like them to be, and through this we gradually become happier people.

As Josei Toda said, we are all here to ‘thoroughly savour the joys of life’. But if we were to practice solely for our own happiness, that would be a selfish aim. So we also pass on that happiness, partly through the principle of ‘oneness of self and the environment’, the ripple effect if you will, and partly by explaining, or teaching our practice to others.

One reason I write this blog each day, is in the hope that the people who read it will take something away with them. As Nichiren wrote ‘Teach others to the best of your ability, even if it is only a single sentence or phrase’, basically, pass on that which makes me happy so that others may also enjoy that happiness.

The people who know me, my family, my friends and colleagues have seen the change in me since I encountered, and started practicing Nichiren Buddhism. I have an inner calm, something that was in short supply before, and I want to share the practice with others. I know there is still a long way to go, but even the longest journey starts with the first step.

I hope this strikes a chord, even if it’s in just one person. As the ripples spread across the world, the world becomes a happier, and more peaceful place. Happiness, true inner happiness is a fabulous feeling, pass it on.

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