A Sad Exit

Bradley WigginsToday’s stage of the Tour de France ended with a rather sweet and sour outcome. Mark Cavendish of HTC won the stage with a trademark storming finish, but British champion Bradley Wiggins sadly crashed out with a broken collar bone.

As a fanatical armchair pro-cycling fan, I feel very sorry for Wiggins, knowing that he has put in a huge amount training in preparation for this years Tour. Professional cyclists are a breed apart when it comes to sportsmen. The dedication needed to compete, day after day, at the highest level is unstinting and for such effort to come to an end in such a manner is a tragedy.

Wiggins was looking calm, collected and at his very best for the start of this years Tour. Having had a very public dressing down last year, he had pulled out all the stops to get himself in peak condition, and the determination was showing, with him well placed after the first few days.

Not only is it a painful way to leave the race, it also leaves his Sky teammates looking for a natural successor to lead the team.

We all know the feeling of disappointment of striving with all our heart to attain our goals, only to fall (in Bradley’s case, quite literally) short of the desired outcome.

Very sorry to see you go Wiggo, stay positive and make a full and speedy recovery. You have known the Heaven of winning, now you must deal with the Hell of dropping out. Treat those two imposters just the same, as Kipling wrote, and come back even stronger.

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