Amy – Another Sad Story

Amy WinehouseThe news that 27 year old Amy Winehouse has died today is the latest in a long list of musical stars who die too young and another member of The Forever 27 Club. Back in the days of my youth there were a number of stellar performers who also died too young. Jimi Hendix, Janis Joplin, Brian Jones, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, the list goes on and on.

But why do these amazing people lose their way, get trapped by drug addiction and drive themselves to oblivion? Is it because they find fame too much to handle, is their life out of their control, governed by the fickle fate of the rollercoaster of popularity?

Basing our lives on anything that unstable, anything over which we have no control, means that we leave ourselves open to the inevitable winds of change.

Basing our lives on something constant, unchanging, gives us back that control, or at least a greater degree of it. That is why I have based my life on Nichiren Buddhism, made it my Honzon, or anchor.

My Faith, my Practice, Nichiren Buddhism doesn’t magically remove all the problems in life, nor does it solve those problems that arrive, but having the stability that comes with basing everything on the Gohonzon does make life easier.

We are sorry to lose you Amy, you were a very bright star, and maybe the brightest stars are meant to burn out soonest.

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