Long Overdue

Bristol Zoo - Always A Favourite With The BoysMy trip up to Bristol today was long overdue. Since early September there has been one less reason to go, and a whole bunch of reasons why I didn’t, but today was set in stone and even the much promised ice and snow wasn’t going to stop me from making the trip.

Leaving just before 7:00am, I was pleased to find that the heavy frost, forecast yesterday evening, had failed to materialise, so I was able to sneak off quietly without disturbing the slumbering neighbours. The roads were very quiet and I made good progress.

Having made the journey so many times over the past twelve months, it was rather strange to find myself back outside The Cottage knowing that the rules of engagement were now so different. It was great to see that although the old sash windows had gone, the new ones looked exactly the same, keeping the nature of the place perfectly.

After a quick coffee and a chat with B it was time to scoot off to see the family. As a last minute change to the schedule, I made my way to Hannah’s, where another coffee was waiting. When Hannah and Stanley were ready, we set off to Charlotte’s stopping to pick up croissants and pastries for breakfast.

There were no solid plans for the day, but as we ate breakfast Rob got word that Jake’s football match had been postponed due to a frozen pitch. With the whole family free to partake in whatever activities we decided upon, we plumped for a visit to Bristol Zoo, always a favourite with the boys.

It was really rather colder than expected walking round the grounds of the zoo, with many of the animals having the sense to stay inside. Feeling the chill, we did the complete tour of all the warmer houses, reptiles, insects, fish etc. only venturing out again to see the seals and penguins at feeding time and the gorillas, who were busy going back indoors after being fed.

It was a lovely day. Getting back to the cars, I think we were all feeling that glow, brought on by warmth, after being out in the cold just a little too long. Back at Hannah’s, and following yet another coffee, it was time to make tracks for home. A pretty perfect day, made all the better for being way too long overdue.

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