Normality Bites

Wheel Of LifeSo that was that then.

Pretty much everyone was back from their Christmas holidays today, and already they are saying things like ‘it all seems ages since Christmas Day’ and ‘when is the next bank holiday?’. It’s March the 29th, Good Friday, for those of us in England and Wales, just in case you were wondering.

It appears that most people had a good holiday, a nice rest, and some even had a dose of the Norovirus just for good measure. Whether they are Christians or not, everyone enjoys the break over Christmas and the New Year, but as with all events, we work ourselves into a lather as it approaches, find it all too fleeting when it arrives and bemoan the loss once it’s gone.

The Wheel of Life turns inexorably, always forward, never backwards, for eternity, time without end. So although it seems as though Christmas takes ages to get here, flies by in a flash and then seems like it was months ago, even though it happened last week, we really shouldn’t be surprised.

Making the most of every moment makes time pass in a more uniform manner. Wasting time seems to slow it down, being in a rush to finish something always makes it feel faster. But whatever speed it appears to travel, there is one fact that we should all remember. Once it’s gone, it’s gone, so don’t waste one single second, today or any day.

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