One Step Back

One Step BackSince starting the medication prescribed by my doctor on Monday, my cough seems to have been getting better day by day. But as with many things in life, with a little progress also comes the odd setback, and so it was today.

I was looking forward to the Men’s meeting this morning. The chance to see Ken, Jack, Boots and the others after much too long an absence. But settling down to sleep last night was fraught with problems from the start.

To begin with, the communal light in the stairway of the apartments, that is supposed to turn itself off after five minutes, refused to do so and shone in persistently through the skylights above the front door and my bedroom door.

I made myself respectable, and went up and down the stairs, trying to find a switch that was either jammed, or taped in the on position. It has happened before, but usually only when someone is moving in or out of one of the other apartments. There were no signs, so I went back to bed, tried to shield my eyes and sleep.

It must have worked, because the next thing I remember was waking up with a choking coughing fit. Sitting on the edge of the bed has worked in past, but it took ages for the coughing to subside, heaven knows what the neighbours thought.

Throughout the night I got a succession of interruptions, though nothing as bad as the first, but by morning I was feeling like I hadn’t slept at all. Chanting didn’t help either, each time I tried, another coughing fit ensued, so I ended Gongyo in a silent mental chant.

I know we have to expect setbacks on our journey back to health and fitness, but it is rather disappointing that it happens to have coincided with the weekend, and particularly the meeting. I will chant for more progress and to ensure that I am hail and hearty in good time for the next.

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