Almost The Perfect Storm

Doctors SurgeryTake one freezing cold morning, make that a freezing cold Monday morning, then add a cough that just won’t go away and the remnants of the weekend’s fluey thing, what have you got? One set of challenging circumstances. Almost the perfect storm, you might say.

I like to think that, for my advancing years, I’m in pretty good shape. This cough however, is really getting a bit tedious, just ask my neighbours. So despite being a man, never taking medicine if I can help it, always letting nature take its course, I’m off to the doctors tonight.

I don’t mind, that she’s a lady doctor. She’s a professional and it won’t matter a jot to her, I’m just another sickly patient. I’m sure it’s fine, that she studied for her BSc Hons. in this millennium, that’s she’s younger than me, by a couple of decades probably, I’m sure new medical procedures are better than the old fashioned ones, aren’t they?

Now you know I’m kidding, right? My doctor will find out what is wrong with me and take steps to put it right. Never mind that the TV adverts and the posters in the surgery all say that if you’ve had a cough for more than three weeks, it might be cancer, it probably won’t be, but don’t tell me that right now.

Alright, so I’m not completely kidding. I’ve left getting this sorted out way too long and now that is worrying me. But isn’t it me who says that you should address an issue there and then, that leaving it just makes it bigger? Well here I am, hoist by my own petard, chanting for a fortuitous outcome, but wishing I had done something sooner. We will see.

Update ~ The doctor is pretty sure that it’s a simple chest infection … which is very good news.

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