Persistent Little Blighter

Poison Into MedicineDespite having the best antibiotics money can buy, and upping the chanting to levels barely covered by the latest health and safety directives, this flippin’ cough is hanging on in a most tenacious manner.

I think the mere fact we are taking a pill, or drinking some potion, fools our body into feeling better, the placebo effect if you will. But the illusion never lasts and making the causes and seeing the effects  are not necessarily so closely connected. We already know that causes made in past lives are still having effects in this, so I hope the medicine works a bit quicker than that.

But despite the fact that I am still feeling less than tickety-boo, I know that I am making the right causes to see the effect I desire. So now it is a matter of trusting in the doctor, trusting in my practice, and being patient, as opposed to being a patient. Sadly it seems that although the drugs are working on the cough, they are not doing much for my jokes, but you had already worked that bit out for yourselves.

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