Bikes, Bikes and More Bikes

Bikes, Bikes and more BikesThe first day back in the office for five days brought with it the expected quantity of emails and urgent tasks. Having put my back to the wheel, with no lunch, for the whole day, by 5:00pm I was ready to get out into what was left of the sunshine and take in some fresh air.

Whilst busy negotiating the never-ending road works at Canford Bottom, I was conscious of the stream of motorbikes heading towards Poole. Then the penny dropped, it was Tuesday, not Monday and they were all heading to the weekly bike rally on Poole Quay.

So how to combine sunshine, fresh air and motorbikes? Easy, get on my bicycle and ride down to the Quay. And so it was that I had a nice relaxing pootle over the Twin Sails Bridge and into Poole Old Town, where literally hundreds and hundreds of beautiful motorbikes were lining the road along the quay.

Having taken a leisurely ride along the length of the impromptu exhibition, and back, I chatted to a few of the bikers, took a few photos and drooled over a number of very pretty bits of machinery. Going home via the beach at Hamworthy park, the stress of the day floated gently away on the ebb tide. What a nice way to relax at the end of a hard day.

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