A Rockin’ Good Evening

A Rockin’ Good EveningHaving spend the day doing ‘stuff’, it was great to let our hair down (not that I have much) going to Phil’s 50th ‘open mike’ evening at a pub in Fishponds. With so much talent and so much fun, the evening flew by so by the time the pub closed, and we found ourselves sitting outside in the beer garden, we were well into Sunday morning.

I like to think that I can play guitar a bit, but seeing people who devote a large proportion of their lives to making music, I have to admit that I’m a rank amateur. The diversity of the performances was amazing. Everything from Pink Floyd to the one humorous classic ‘There’s a hole in my bucket’ were done, and all received rapturous applause.

Being ‘Johnny Come Lately’ in B’s circle of friends, I always wonder whether I will fit in. But in typical style, everyone was lovely and made me feel more than welcome. So a truly rockin’ good evening was had by all and it was a fitting celebration of a milestone birthday. Happy birthday Phil, let’s hope there are many, many more to come.

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