A Right Pain In The Neck

A Right Pain In The NeckBy this morning we were supposed to have ticked all the boxes on the to-do list and had planned to take a trip to Bristol Zoo with Charlotte, Rob and the boys, if the weather was dry. So apart from the fact that there were still unfinished items on the list and that it was raining cats and dogs intermittently, Bumble had a very sore neck, the result of overdoing the manual work during the path construction.

A day that was going to be filled with the wonder of beautiful animals and the fun of being with C & R and the three boys, turned into one of pain and anguish. The neck problem is a legacy of a whiplash injury many years ago, but B, being B, just has to get involved with the lifting and carrying, despite being a bit prone to aches, pains and injuries.

Being the real trooper she is, she insisted on coming with me to get a few things from the shops, when she should really have been tucked up, snug and warm, in bed, being pampered by yours truly. Not a chance really, though I did manage to get her to rest when we got back home. and I think the toasted cinnamon and raisin bagel and mug of hot tea was pretty well received.

We can both learn lessons from the episode. B has to learn to take things a little bit easier when it comes to heavy manual work. She’s no old granny, although she is a granny, but nor is she the spring chicken she might like to think she is. I have to learn to look out for, and after her, though sadly I didn’t know about the neck injury until today.

Fortunately the pain is subsiding, with the help of a few painkillers. But the whole debacle could so easily avoided if we had both taken a large dose of wisdom before we started the project. It won’t happen again, I’ll see to that.

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