Feelings Of Guilt

Spilled MilkEver had that feeling, that even though you have done your very best, that it just isn’t good enough? Well I’ve been feeling that all day, partly because of the mess I’ve made of the Fraser’s website, but mainly because B missed her ferry by 10 minutes, after I helped her plan the route and timings for the journey.

So I’ve been giving myself a hard time today. Trying to figure out a way to repair the website and wondering what I can do to help Bumble, stuck in Cornwall. I’ve chanted for both, and I think that has brought clarity, but I’m still not in any position to fix either properly.

Being in a relationship, be that personal or working, brings with it responsibility, we all know that. But there are certain times, certain incidents, that bring home that sense of responsibility into sharper focus.

There is nothing I can do in the current situation, other than remain focussed and concentrate on avoiding future mistakes. I can also stop beating myself up, crying over spilled milk as it were, and look to the future and ways to make amends.

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