Swimming Against The Tide

Newbury Clock HouseWell that was not a day I care to remember. It started with a ‘dressing down’ from the boss, partly for something that was non of my own doing but mostly for something I hadn’t done. That was closely followed by a number of painful email and telephone conversations, fire-fighting issues over which I have little or no control, caused by malfunctions which are beyond my control.

As a result of the admonishment, albeit given in good humour, I found myself on the M3/A38, heading towards Newbury, to a meeting with our software partners, to sort out a very nutty little problem, or should I say challenge? Fortunately, this gave me plenty of time to exercise my lungs by chanting at the top of my voice, which made the world a sunnier place all of a sudden.

It also gave me time to contemplate the causes for the situation and to come to the conclusion that I am more than a little responsible. So with a resolution to the software issue close at hand, and with the sun beaming down in the West, it was in a much better life-state and hence better mood, that I made my way back to MQ this evening.

Being responsible for, and accepting the effects of our actions is sometimes rather tough. But the alternative means that we are not in control of our lives or the things that happen to us. A good lesson for me, it can also be a good lesson for you too. When things go a little awry, take a good look at what is causing the issues and resolve to make the causes to put those things right.

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