Full Of Beans

Runner BeansWith Bumble back in the cottage, it became very clear that she was in no fit state to do things for herself. Not that you could ever tell her that, she is a persistent little B, and stubbornly insisted that she do this, carry that, the list went on and on. But actually, if her ankle is to get better sooner rather than later, she has to rest it and try not to put weight on it.

So it was, that after a lazy, restful start to the day, we headed off to the supermarket to stock up the fridge and cupboards. It is strange to see the reactions of other people to someone being helped around the shop, whilst tapping away with a walking stick. I guess people with disabilities or debilitating illnesses get this all the time, but it’s not something I would ever like to have to get used to.

Having bought ice cream, we had to make a bit of a dash to see B’s parents, but fortunately they survived the journey and were enjoyed by all. Then we were treated to a slide show of Bumble’s photos from the Isles of Scilly. Some beautiful views, amazing flora and sights of the seashore and boats. Even a photo of the hole that delivered the sprained ankle, now that shows composure under pressure.

The day was ended with the ceremonial planting of the runner beans around the carefully erected bamboo cane tepee. Hopefully the sandy soil will be improved by an inaugural layer of home made compost that had been carefully ‘mined’ from the base of the composter. When you know what goes into the top, it’s a small miracle that what comes out of the bottom is such good fertilizer. A real life example of turning poison into medicine.

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