Flippin’ Friday

computer_codeHaving been in IT for all my working life, I should know better, but it still annoys the hell out of me when computers mess with my life. I’ve been working on a redesign project for one of our websites and my desktop decided it knew better than I did when it came to the general look and feel of the site.

Basically, it minimalized the content by losing all the references to the images and text across the whole site. Naturally, this made the pages much quicker to load, but also made the site a little too simplistic. Finally, I have been able to fix the underlying problem, but that leaves the onerous task of adding all the content back into the site.

Other aspects of life can be like that. If I ever lost my mobile, or my iPad went AWOL, half my life would go with them. We all record names, addresses and other details such as birthdays on these nice shiny bits of hardware, in the vain belief that their memories are better than ours, but on some occasions they aren’t.

Somewhere, filed neatly in one of the drawers at home, I have a piece of A4 paper with my entire families names, addresses, birthdays and anniversaries. My Mom painstakingly wrote them down for me years ago, and although I have no real idea where the paper is, I know for sure, that if I find it, it will still have the details recorded.

So even though it’s Friday, and the weekend is just round the corner, it’s not been the best day of the week so far. As with most days, there are lessons to be learned, and mine for today is to make sure everything is backed up in such a way that I can recreate a site from scratch, even when everything looks secure. You just never know do you?

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