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Gypsy CaravanThere was a little surprise waiting for us when we all arrived at work this morning, a group of travellers had set up camp in the office car park overnight. Ordinarily, the people I work with are polite, well mannered folk, but this situation has brought of the worst in many of them.

I’m sure we’ve all seen the stories about travellers on TV, or heard about things that have happened when they are in the vicinity, but I’ve never had any contact with any myself, so any impression is via third party stories. So I am happy to leave these folks in peace, in truth, apart from a bit of litter, they seem to be behaving themselves.

These people choose, or are born into, a life on the road. It’s well documented, that there are too few council sites around the country, so one can only imagine that they are forced to find impromptu sites of their own. Being next to the Bickerley Mill stream and open fields, they certainly couldn’t have chosen a more picturesque place.

The reaction of some of my colleagues has been a bit of an eye-opener. I suppose the fear of the unknown can make people say things they might usually not. Nobody wants to find that their car has been damaged or run the risk of verbal abuse from a complete stranger, but I wonder whether the media has painted an accurate picture of these people.

My hope is that the travellers prove the media reports wrong, that they go about their business in a peaceful manner and move on, in time, without incident. I also hope that my colleagues come to realise that these folks are human too, and treat them with the respect they deserve. After all, but for an accident of birth, we might be the ones sitting out in the caravans in the rain.

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