The Personal Touch

emailThere is no doubt that modern communications such as email, texts and Skype are very useful, but they all come with an underlying problem. We all tend to read the message in the mood we are in when it is received, rather than that of the sender when it was sent.

Having returned to work today, to be confronted by over 150 emails regarding different issues with our new software, I was dismayed to read some of the vitriol of the messages.

Being the sort who prefers to speak to our clients in person when issues arise, I made a number of phone calls, particularly targeting the most venomous email senders.

To my pleasant surprise, every one, without exception, greeted the call with gratitude and all the conversations were cordial and ended with satisfactory resolution of the issue in question. So the personal touch works much better than the sterile environment of the electronic age. Thank heavens for small mercies.

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