Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Defeat Your Dark PassengerChallenges we set ourselves can be easy, or they can be hard. Generally speaking, the challenges that are worth setting, take us well out of our comfort zone. So what is the secret of success in such a situation?

Well speaking from my own experience, it is all about confidence and determination. My weight loss ‘program’, if you can call it that, was set in motion through a determination to get into shape, both physically and in terms of my own self image. It’s easy to put off till tomorrow, that which you should start today, and to give in today, promising that you will put things right tomorrow.

Feelings like that are normal. It is our Fundamental Darkness talking us into wrong thoughts and deeds. The only weapon we have against it, and we all have those thoughts, is our determination to succeed. By imagining that our Dark Passenger,  as I prefer to call it, is actually something outside ourselves, we can mentally argue our case and through determination change our actions.

Yesterday’s ride, although no Tour de France, was by far the hardest ride I have undertaken in years. My Dark Passenger was coming up with all manner of reason for why I shouldn’t embark on the challenge. It’s too far, what happens if you get a puncture, worse still, what if you get to Swanage and are too tired to get back? Well I ignored his negativity, got on my bike, literally, and showed him that, given the confidence and determination, I could achieve my goal, and I enjoyed every second of it.

I have set myself some much tougher goals in that respect. I am, once the weather improves in the spring, going to cycle up to see Charlotte and Hannah in Bristol. That will be a journey of over seventy miles in one day, or one hundred and fifty miles if they send me packing and I ride straight back. I’m also going to take part in the Beach to Beach ride in aid of Asthma Research, from Bournemouth to Brighton, next May, so I need to push myself still further to help that good cause.

Success is sweet, failure is bitter and the only difference between the two is determination. Any goal, no matter how large or how small, is only unattainable if you lack the determination to go on. No cause is lost until you decide that it is lost. So ignore, or better still defeat your Fundamental Darkness, have confidence in yourself, be determined, and never, ever give up. In that way, you will always be a winner, will achieve your goals, and be forever tasting that sweet taste of success.

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