The Catholic ChurchPaedophilia is, in my opinion, the most awful sin. As Nichiren Buddhism has no rules, there is nothing to say that it is wrong, except that abusing a child must attract the worse kind of karma. So to hear, yet again, that children in the care of a Catholic establishment have been abused many times over the last thirty years is shocking. How can any man, let alone a man of faith, justify such actions?

Not only is it a disgraceful abuse of their position of trust, but yet again, the Catholic Church has been found wanting in it’s condemnation of these criminals. In a recent report, Lord Carlile of Berriew said the form of governance at the school was “wholly out-dated and demonstrably unacceptable”.

It appears that a recent decision by judges has ruled that the Catholic church can be held responsible for allowing the conditions for such abuse to occur. With that in mind, I hope that victims will take the church to court and seek financial reparation. Maybe, if it starts to feel the effects of this in it’s bank balance, the leaders will finally start to take the issue seriously and ensure the practice is stopped.

Paedophilia is totally unacceptable under any circumstance, but when it is practiced by people supposedly living in a pious and religious manner, it is completely unforgivable.

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