Expect The Unexpected

Expect The UnexpectedYou know the feeling, you’ve had a great weekend, you’re rested, fresh and ready to face the new week, then wham, it all turns into an episode from Tales of the Unexpected. So it was today, the usual mountain of weekend orders to process, the usual banal questions from people who should know better, but we’re on top of it all, plain sailing and not a cloud in sight.

We have a new software release going in tomorrow. Today was going to be a day to confirm that everything was ship shape and Bristol fashion, then the power went down. I am old enough to remember the Three Day Week, from the last really serious economic crisis. People went without power for hours on end, just to save money and coal, and the Government was even less popular than it is today. The difference was, back then, your whole life didn’t depend on electricity.

So Ok, it was a nasty little blip, but it was back almost before we noticed it had gone. The lights dipped and everything in the office, that was plugged into the mains, went beep, all at once, in a terrifying harmony. Now PCs are pretty resilient these days. Time was that youmight even lose the contents of your hard drive, but not now. Servers on the other hand, even though they are backed up and connected to a UPS are just a little more fussy.

Even the IP phone system rebooted. But when it came back, it appeared that everyone and their uncle was testing it by ringing us. Of course the London office had no inkling that we had suffered the outage, so they just saw their email and back office systems fall on their face. Understandably they wanted to know why. But when you are at 100%, trying to get everything back up and running, the last thing you really need is Nanny McP calling to ask why her printer wasn’t working.

Anyway, it took about 30 minutes for the ripples to smooth and for the serenely calm atmosphere to permeate the office once more. Everyone was back online, the printers and back office systems were talking to each other again and all was again right with the world. But we know, we just know, that it will happen again. No matter what steps we take to ensure that everything survives, there will always be the chance that the unexpected is going to happen. So expect the unexpected, plan for it, bank on it happening. It’s life. Whether it’s a blip on the mains, or a blip in your dearest relationship, it will happen. So stay calm, rise to the challenge, use wisdom courage and compassion and soon you will be through it, better prepared to meet the next time, another day.

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