Just Another Day In Paradise

BirthdaysBirthdays are funny things aren’t they? When you are little, they are the best thing next to Christmas, you count down the days and they take ages to arrive.

Then you become a teenager and your life changes almost overnight. Shortly after, one day you are a child, the next you are an adult, and so it goes on.

Certain birthdays are real milestones in life. 18, 21, 30, 40, 50, 65, the list goes on. However, 57 isn’t on any list that I know of, so today was really just another day, albeit a very nice restful one. The last twelve months have been life changing for me, cementing my faith in Nichiren Buddhism being the most important aspect of that.

But now it’s nearly over, and tomorrow will literally be just another day. So it is only left for me to thank all my family and friends for the presents, the cards and the nice greetings on Facebook and the like. I suppose I should also be grateful that I have chalked up another year. When you see the news, every day there are many, many people who don’t. So I should really be most thankful for my good fortune, life should never be taken for granted.

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