Getting Results

The Castleman TrailwaySo having failed to make the trip to Ringwood yesterday, purely because I got a bit lost in Broadstone, I was determined to try again today. That old saying about ‘if at first you don’t succeed, try, try and try again’ is pretty good advice. If you try and fail, and never try again, you will miss out on the elation of success.

Having been unable to find the Castleman Trailway, a disused railway line yesterday, I decided to stick to roads I drive every week day to work. Scooting off round Holes Bay, I headed off up Gravel Hill. Strange how much more of a hill it is on a bike, than in the car, in fact it’s about a rise of about fifty meters and feels like it just goes on and on. But by concentrating on the next few meters, than than looking all the way to the top makes it an easier goal.

I decided to take the road through Wimbourne rather than taking the A31, which also has the bonus of taking you via the beautiful footbridge over the river Stour. I joined the A31 at Canford Bottom and headed off towards the Ringwood Road. Trudging up the main road to Ringwood is pretty uninteresting, particularly as the cycle path is rather bitty and disappears totally just after St Leonards.

Having ridden down the High Street and the back streets to the office, I took a few minutes to let the feeling return to my rather numb bum. Then it was time to set off for home. I took the path past the nature reserve in the fields behind the office and towards the Castleman Trailway. Having found it, I was delighted to see that it is a narrow slice of nature amongst the houses, and although there were quite a few people walking, cycling and riding horses, it was so much nicer than being on the road.

Sadly, the route is not continuous, so it’s a case of hopping on and off to get through gates, over roads and the like. There are also great chunks of it missing, where housing estates have been built, so by the time I reached West Moors, I was back on the road again. After that it was pretty much a case of retracing my steps back home.

So there we have it, another goal reached. I am planning to do a couple of two day rides in aid of asthma next year, about 70 miles a day, twice the distance of today’s bimble, so I need to get a lot more practice. But isn’t that just like Buddhism? The more you practice, the more you see the effects.

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