Stormy Weather

No, I’m not talking about the UK weather, though that isn’t much to smile about at the moment either. I’m talking about all those people who are going to spend this festive season missing someone close to them.

In the past month there have been five deaths in my immediate vicinity. My hope is that the family and friends of these people have the same feeling towards death that I now have.

I cannot describe the comfort that knowing their souls, spirits, whatever you would call them, have become one with the Universe. After a short period of rest, they will be back in their next incarnation and starting over again.

The Wheel Of Life is such an eternal process, it is such a pity that we only remember snippets of our previous lives.

Although we can see the effects of our karma, it’s often impossible to know the causes of those effects. All we can do, is to make good causes in this life, and wait for the good effects to come to fruition.

My thoughts go out to those who have lost someone close. I hope the idea of reincarnation will bring them solace.

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