In Perfect Harmony

Today I have a strange example of man and machine being in perfect harmony.

My poor Nokia mobile has suddenly started to suffer from a leaky battery. Not in the sense that the goo is oozing from it, but in that disappointing way where you leave it on charge for hours on end, and it never gets full.

In a very similar way, my life-energy level seems to have taken a disappointing down turn today. Having got back from work I decided to take a quick nap, in order to recharge my own batteries. Four hours later, ironically, my mobile was ringing, waking me with a start.

Whether my lethargy was caused by an almost total lack of sunshine in the last week, or my life-state hovering around the world of tranquillity, or a combination of the two, I’m not quite sure. It may be that the sad episode of Vince Cable has made a contribution too. It’s such a pity that a man I held in such high esteem, turns out to be as foolish as the next politician.

To end this rather sad entry on a high note, my batteries are now fully charged, and a replacement battery for the Nokia is winging it’s way here as I type.

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