Wisdom, Courage and Compassion

Lotus SutraSometimes the lessons we learn in life are put into practice sooner than we would like.

The tragic and unexpected death of a colleague’s sister-in-law today tested my wisdom and compassion, all too soon after our own loss.

My colleague was understandably distraught at the shock news. The circumstances were exacerbated by the weather, the festive season and the fact that she had to find the courage to take control of the situation for the sake of the family.

If this had happened a few months ago I wouldn’t have been as prepared, mentally or spiritually and I have my Practice to thank for that.

I am well aware that dealing with the death of a close family member is very different to helping a friend cope with their own loss. But I am confident that my certainty of the eternity of life has taken away the fear of death and allows me to look at such situations with a more logical, rather than emotional, state of mind.

Of course I will chant and pray for my colleague and her family and their collective courage.

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

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