World Cup Woes

Three LionsSo many English football fans will have been plunged into a World of Hell this afternoon. The story was so important that it made the lead on the BBC’s Ten O’clock News.

The disclosure the Russia will host the 2018 World Cup has been a huge disappointment to those involved with the bid and those who have never seen a World Cup on English soil.

The word was that England had a fair chance of winning, something that may have become an obsession, a dream, and possibly a Honzon.

Basing your happiness on an outcome, over which you have little or no control, is like building your house on shifting sand. A recipe for disaster you might say.

I am old enough, just, to remember the last World Cup we hosted. In fact I watched England triumph over Germany whilst at Cub camp, and I shall never forget it.

But at a the time of financial crisis, there must be more important issues to deal with. The protection of the old, the sick and needy surely has to come first. With the onset of huge cutbacks in public spending, they are on the front line even more than ever.

I would like to congratulate Russia and Qatar on winning the chance to host their first World Cup, I’m sure they will embrace the opportunity and turn the biggest sporting event in the world into a brilliant spectacle.

For us, the English football fans, it is a shame, but we have to take a deep breath and get on with life whilst realigning our priorities.

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