A Step Backwards

Today has been just one of those days. Too much time to think of the things that could, or have, gone wrong lately.

My Dark Passenger, who Geoff calls ‘My Evil Friend’ in The Buddha, Geoff and Me, has had a field day today. Pointing out all the things that, had I thought more clearly, were obviously not the way he or more precisely I, thought they were.

In a Hell state, with no energy or inclination to chant my way out of it, and lapsing into that self-absorbed lethargy that can be so destructive.

Fortunately, my significant other came to the rescue, though not before I had done my best to make the situation worse, when my role at this time should be to be strong, resolute and reliable.

Disappointing, deflating, I was so confident in my Practice. I had been heading in the right direction for so long without a hiccough, I had almost forgotten what real Hell felt like.

So a good reminder, and a good kick up the backside for me.

Tomorrow is another day, a better day, and the lesson learned will make me stronger when it arrives.

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