Wikileaks – Right or Wrong?

We have all seen the fallout over the latest Wikileaks exposé, some may have taken a look at some of the documents, I have purely out of interest. They are a collection of arguably private messages, put into the public arena under the premise that ‘It is better that we know what is going on’, but is that true?

Even this evening, we are starting to hear rumblings coming from Russia in response to the perceived slander of their Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin.

Let’s look at the exposé in Buddhist terms. In Buddhism we look for an action to show Wisdom, Courage and Compassion, so does the leak show any or all of these?

Well the Wisdom of leaking such a large number of private documents could be thrown into question. With such a volume, there are bound to be individual embarrassments, which whether they are intended to inform or to titillate, would seem to lack fundamental Wisdom.

You might argue that there is Courage in trying to inform the World about the grubby goings-on of the corridors of power. The news reports are saying that Julian Assange is now a wanted man, on the run and has disappeared for his own safety. To put yourself in such a position in upholding your beliefs could be said to be courageous. But if, at a time when the World (you might say Western) economy is in a dire state, is it not simply foolhardy to further destabilise the situation?

In trying to find the Compassion in all this, I admit to having a struggle. Julian Assange seems to have a personal agenda, mainly against the U.S. He has certainly raised his own profile still further, but at what cost? There is more than a ‘publish and be damned’ aspect to it.

I’m not sure whether such leaks are in anyone’s best interest. I do know, that I would not like every conversation I have had about everyone and anyone, to be publicly broadcast, would you? It remains to be seen what the fallout over these ‘revelations’ will be, but I can’t see a long term benefit for anyone for acting without first examining it from the Buddhist perspective.

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