So Many Contrasts

Upton Country ParkYesterday and today could not have been much more different if they had tried. Yesterday I spent most of the day encouraging, cajoling and a couple of times, pushing someone to conquer a task that in actual fact, was way outside their comfort zone, namely cycling the fifty odd kilometres from Poole to Weymouth. That involved a great deal of talking, as you might expect.

Today, I have spent the whole day alone, apart from one chance encounter this evening as I got back from a short training ride to Upton Country Park and back. So I haven’t spoken to anyone, I haven’t spent hours in the saddle and I haven’t had the opportunity to help anyone, in any way, achieve anything.

Yesterday, the cycling, although much longer than my ride tonight, was very gentle, even over a couple of quite challenging hills. Today, the course was short and pretty flat, but the effort put in was aggressive and the effect on my increasing fitness was considerable compared to yesterday. I didn’t see any of the scenery today, whereas yesterday, there was time to stop and admire.

Life is a series of contrasting situations. Being able to adapt to the changing circumstances is the trick to taking the most out of each and every day. Contrast is good, being able to focus on the benefits it brings is a skill worth acquiring.

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