Family Treasure Hunting

Where's Wallace?Having spent much of yesterday with Rob and Jay, today was all about doing things with all the family. Aardman Animation, the creators of Wallace and Gromit is based in Bristol and Wallace and Gromit are the faces of ‘The Grand Appeal’ raising money for Bristol’s Children’s Hospital.

Salty Sea DogThere are 80 Gromits, of varying designs, being shown in and around Bristol for a total of 10 weeks, and Charlotte, Rob and the boys have been doing their best to find them all and get photos.

So that was our quest for the day, to find as many of the remaining Gromits and take photographic evidence that we had seen them. They are dotted all over the city, in public places outdoors as well as in buildings such as the Bristol Library and the Marriot Hotel, so finding them is great fun.

CaroselloOf course there are dozens, if not hundreds, of other families all trying to do the same thing, so there was usually a wait to get that special photo, but it was worth it.

There was a fair bit of walking involved, no problem for those of us who are fully grown and have long, strong legs, but for the smaller members of our party it got a bit tiring after a while.

But the weather was kind, it was warm, but not too warm, with a refreshing breeze and the occasional cloud to offer some respite from the midday sunshine.

By about two the boys had had about enough. After all, they have been Gromit hunting for a couple of weeks now, so the novelty was worn off a little, so we said our goodbyes and Hannah, Stanley and I made our way back to Hanham.

It was a brilliant day, spending quality time with the whole Bristol clan, and we really must do it much more often.

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