Fanning The Delicate Embers

Spreading The WordMy own experiences with Nichiren Buddhism have shown me how powerfully it can change your life.

Whether that is simply making you a happier person or helping you see situations from a different perspective, that may help you solve your problems in a better way.

As with all good things, you want to tell people about it, so they can share the benefits.

So the greatest feeling, for me, is when someone actually comes straight out and asks. At that point, it’s important to offer as much, or as little as they request. Force feeding them will kill that spark as surely as piling logs onto a smouldering ember.

So be enthusiastic, but be reserved as well. Let them set the pace, be there for them to ask for more, and just see what happens.

Giving people a gift is a great feeling, that shining smile you see when they open it and are delighted by what they find. Giving people the way to find Nichiren Buddhism is just like that, only a million times better.

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