Syria, The Next Iraq?

Freedom For SyriaWith Western leaders sabre rattling at the UN, will any meaningful action spiral into an all out attack on the Syrian government, given time?

Whilst nobody would condone the use of chemical weapons, by whoever deployed them, the use of force, to alter the balance of power, could so easily get out of hand.

The emotions and politics being shown by all sides, with China and Russia playing devil’s advocate against the holier-than-thou Western allies, could drag us into another Iraq, with or without a mandate from the United Nations.

Surely this is a time to resort to all out conversation, to bring all sides to the table and to act like civilised human beings, not charge in like Genghis Khan. I’m sure there are many arms dealers who are rubbing their hands at the prospect of another full scale conflict, but words are the only sensible way to forge any kind of lasting peace.

So let us pull our horns in, and as John Lennon said … ‘Give Peace a Chance’

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