Goal Setting

Goal SettingSo many of us strive for a personal goal, something that we believe will make us happy. That may be money, status, property, love or anything else you would like to cite.

Often however, we fail in our efforts because we focus on the wrong aspect en-route, but Kyo Chi Gyo I can help put that right.

No it’s not another chant like Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. Kyo Chi Gyo I (pronounced keyo chee geyo ee) is a tried and trusted method for achieving anything your heart desires. Let’s find out what each part means …

Kyo – the goal you wish to achieve.

Chi – is the wisdom needed to reach that goal.

Gyo – is the action you need to take to reach the goal.

I – the status you will attain when the goal is reached.

So having set Kyo (our goal) firmly in our heart, we chant for Chi, the wisdom to achieve our goal. Of course, this wisdom doesn’t simply appear, we have to get ourselves into a learning life-state and use every avenue to gather that wisdom. Once the wisdom has been attained we can use it to guide our actions (Gyo).

The trick is to concentrate on Kyo at all times. So many people fail to achieve their desired status because they take their eye off Kyo, their goal.

The rational behind this is that by focussing on your goal, you concentrate on something concrete. Your status, I, is about you and is not a physical entity, making it an ethereal target and your task that much more difficult.

Let’s give you real world example …

It’s the last minute of the F.A. Cup Final, it’s 1-1, but to add to the excitement, one team has just been awarded a penalty. A single player has been given the ball and is going to take the penalty.

In this example Kyo is successfully converting the penalty, Chi is the skill needed to kick the ball accurately and maybe knowing which way the keeper tends to dive. Gyo is accurately kicking the ball, in the desired direction with enough force to beat the keeper, and I is being remembered as the player who scored the winning goal in the Cup final.

Let’s assume that the player is the regular penalty taker for his team, and that he’s really good at scoring from them. He has practiced for hours, kicking the ball exactly where he wants it to go and disguising his intentions from the keeper, so his Chi is near perfect. He may have taken dozens of penalty kicks during his playing career, so he has the correct action, Gyo, also well defined.

If he concentrates on Kyo, scoring the goal, he has a very good chance of success. If, however, he lets I, his status, control his thoughts, he has a much greater chance of missing.

So it’s all about reaching your goal, Kyo. Your task is to hone your Chi and Gyo along the way. Your status, I, whatever that may be, will look after itself as soon as achieve your goal.

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