3rd Party Fire And Distress

A Broken HeartSometimes we become involved in other people’s problems, whether we want to be, or not. At times like this, Wisdom, Courage and Compassion are needed, but in a slightly different way than when we have problems of our own. I have needed to have the Wisdom to step back from the problem, and look at it in a dispassionate way.

The Courage to determine my feelings, from that detached viewpoint and the Compassion to offer help if required, knowing that your offer may well be rejected. Just be there, with an open heart and a calm mind. Too often,  people on the periphery feel the need to state their opinions, whether that helps the problem or not. These opinions may well be founded on sound principles and deeply held beliefs, but they are not help, they are just opinions.

If you find yourself in such a situation, you must be prepared to wait to be asked for your help. Staying detached, objective and silent, may be all the help you can offer at that time. Time is a great healer, often the only healing medium we have, so be prepared to extend your Wisdom, Courage and Compassion over the long term.

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