Never, Ever Give Up

DeterminationRecently, we talked about the fact that we only lose when we decide we have lost. Having the courage, patience and determination to press on, even when all the signs are telling you to stop, to give in, to cut and run, can allow amazing unexpected results to occur.

Remaining calm, collected, objective and compassionate, even when the circumstances may be urging you on in other directions, is a feature of our nature that requires time, patience and practice.

I don’t think it is simply a coincidence that practice, meaning repeating a task or skill to improve your proficiency, and Buddhist practice, use the same word. As Gary Player, the famous golfer once said of his game, ‘the more I practice, the luckier I get’. Luck has nothing to do with it of course, and he, and we, know it.

So if you find the odds stacked against you, start getting disheartened by the way events seem to be going, you must believe in yourself and your practice. You might be surprised by what actually happens. So apply for that job, write that email or make that phone call, what have you got to lose?

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