Giving Something Back

Rice FlowersThink back, way back, to when you were but a small child. Now moving slowly forward, try to remember each and every person who taught you, who nurtured you, who moulded you, in even the smallest way, into the person you are today. It is easy to forget these people at times, and also forget that we have a responsibility to help others grow.

Grass and trees cannot grow without soil. The ‘soil’ that fosters our growth includes our parents, teachers, seniors, our mentor, community and company. In any case, everyone has some special place where they grew up, or someone who nurtured them.

Human beings grow as a result of this nurturing ‘soil’, in which they express their ability and make the flowers of their lives blossom, just as the spirit of the rice plant returns to the soil and the stem sprouts to flower and bear grain once again.

We should repay our debts of gratitude to this ‘soil’ in which we developed. This cycle of repaying gratitude will envelop our whole existence. Our true humanity will never blossom if we seek only to develop ourselves.

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